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OdysseyCam Video Chat Software

There are generally two types of video chat business software types, Turnkey and Custom.  The upside to a turnkey solution is primarily out of pocket expense, (way cheaper) and fast turnaround, your website can be setup in most cases in just a few days (depending on the companies work load).  The downside to a Turnkey solution generally is scalability and quality of code, being able to expand your system without breaking the code where as clean code equals reliability just to name a few.  OdysseyCam is a "Custom Turnkey" solution, out of the box OdysseyCam comes with the standard features you need day 1, which gives you time to run your business without delays while OdysseyCam builds your custom features seamlessly if required.



The OdysseyCam v7.5 Platform

The Odysseycam v7.5 system is a Complete Enterprise level Professional Video chat Business platform, using the latest in cutting edge technology.

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Your Broadcast - Non paid & Paid

Simply register as a member and with a click of a button be broadcasting live with no paperwork involved. How does this help the website owner?

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HD Broadcasting - included

Your v7.0 platform comes with an auto adjusting screen for High definition widescreen (16:9 ratio) and Standard Box (4:3 ratio) format.  No more stretched video or Black bars.

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Multi-Cam2Cam System

Using our MultiC2C Request System Members can request the broadcaster to view their video in real time. View 4 Simultaneous member broadcasts with Multi-C2C.

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Real Time status updates

No more page refreshes to see new broadcasters online,  OdysseyCam v7.5 updates a broadcasters Live or Offline status in Real time instantly.

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Tipping Feature

Tip the broadcaster by purchasing credits simple user friendly interface. You can purchase credits and send them instantly from your online wallet.

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Credit Card Merchant Account

Your website is setup with a Trusted Credit Card Processor Zombaio. No Setup Fees, No Yearly Visa Registration Fees. Current Rate for OdysseyCam customers is 10.9%.

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Powerful Administration Area

The OdysseyCam Administration Control Panel allows you to Edit, View, Create and Delete members/broadcasters information with a click of a button.

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Geoip Country-City Blocking

With a simple to use interface your Broadcasters can block the Country and or city from Viewing their existence on your website.  Databases are updated monthly from Maxmind.

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Turnkey Adult Video Chat Webcam Software Updated

New Feature Updates

Generally every month OdysseyCam releases new features, subscribing to New Feature Updates Monthly ensures you get all the cool stuff, at a fraction of the cost.

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