These are the top features available, for a full list of all items included with our packages, press Turnkey Editions, select a Turnkey Edition package and click the Detailed Information link.

Odysseycam has a full set of features you can go live with day 1. There are generally two types of video chat business software types, Turnkey and Custom. The upside to a turnkey solution is primarily out of pocket expense is less and a fast turnaround, The downside to a Turnkey solution generally is scalability and quality of code, being able to expand your system without code breakage, whereas clean code generally equals reliability. OdysseyCam is a "Custom Turnkey" solution, out of the box OdysseyCam comes with a complete set of features you need day 1, or you can have us customize your system to your needs.

As you should know the internet is not stable, there will be times when your Broadcasters will lose their internet connection, does your current software support auto reconnect? OdysseyCam does, read more to find out more about OdysseyCam’s Amazing Automatic Reconnection feature.

Automatic Pre-Load Screenshot -

Most video chat software will show you a black screen while connecting to a broadcaster, not with OdysseyCam! Due to OdysseyCams advanced programming, your members will view a screenshot taken of the session before the video actually loads. Your members will appreciate the aesthetics, adding to their video chat experience


OdysseyCam comes with our LiveView™ Technology. No more static jpg or pre-recorded headshots, but actual live "Real Time" streaming technology of the broadcasters session, giving a realistic approach to the typical live webcam website! Limited bandwidth usage, see before you buy idea, giving you a custom presence and moveability on your adult webcam website. Just mouse over a Live headshot to view the session in real time!

HD Broadcasting

Your OdysseyCam platform comes with an auto adjusting screen for High definition widescreen (16:9 ratio) and Standard Box (4:3 ratio) format. No more stretched video or Black bars. When broadcasting in High Definition format there will be a HD in the bottom left corner of the video screen for the Member to see. as well as the actual screen will become a wide screen with no black bars at the bottom and a square screen (4:3) when in Standard mode.

Multi-Cam2Cam System

Using our MultiC2C Request System Members can request the broadcaster to view their video in real time. The broadcaster can view from 1 to 4 cam2cam user broadcasts simultaneously.

Your OdysseyCam system comes with a Pay-Per-Minute Billing System, even if the customer uses only a few seconds into the minute they are charged for the full minute.

Having a weekly or bi-weekly payout schedule is a thing of the past, with Anytime Payouts your broadcasters can get paid Anytime they want!

A monthly up-datable GEO-IP Country Blocking system, for those of your broadcasters that would like to block certain countries from viewing their broadcast. This also enables the ability to not be even existent on your OdysseyCam platform, as this does not only block live sessions but screen names, Headshots, Bio and gallery pictures as well.

Tip the broadcaster by purchasing tokens with the simple user friendly interface and send them instantly from your online wallet. You can tip or purchase tokens right from the popup form, even send an anonymous tip. The tip is shown in a text message in the sessions chat screen, seen by member and broadcaster applications. Once you add the amount you wish to send, the form shows immediately a notification of the amount and the name of the broadcaster you are going to send to.

Email notifications inform the admin, broadcaster and member about important information. The admin sends an email notification automatically when a certain preset event is triggered.

No more page refreshes to see new broadcasters online, OdysseyCam updates a broadcasters Live or Offline status in Real time instantly.

You dont have to payout every broadcaster with the same global Payout %. Now we have also individual payout % for any broadcaster.

The OdysseyCam Administration Control Panel allows you to Edit, View, Create and Delete members/broadcasters information with a click of a button and more...

Your website is setup with a Trusted Credit Card Processor. Exclusive for OdysseyCam customers only, No Setup Fees, No Yearly Visa Registration Fees, and a 5% Transaction Rate! This also includes a connected Broadcaster payment account from
(Restrictions Apply: EU Company holders only)

Your OdysseyCam System is hosted using the latest in managed Cloud hosting services, saving you time and headaches.

Your OdysseyCam system comes with full service support by Telephone, Live Chat, Email and our 24/7 Ticket System.