Latest Features


  • Major upgrade to version 8.0
  • Mobile Ready™ Responsive Platform (Beta).
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Integrated Cardbilling Payment solutions.
  • Bitsafe Broadcaster Payment Accounts.
  • 1 hour website setups.
  • Add Social Media accounts from admin.
  • Broadcasters now receive an email automatically when approved.
  • Footer link positioning in admin.
  • All pages have dynamic titles for SEO.
  • Updated 18+ pop ups.
  • 18+ Background blur with on/off admin control.
  • Automatic chat scroll
  • Broadcaster Hide Cam2Cam multi-screen


  • Replaced Flash streaming video with WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology.
  • Updated to version 7.6.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Anytime Payouts.


  • New 16:9 Ratio Photo Croper.
  • New Private Photos feature allowing you to set a purchase price.
  • New Profile area more settings even payout feature and bank detail ready!
  • Offline broadcasters headshots: goes directly to Broadcasters profile now.
  • Upgraded Cam2Cam feature.
  • Upgraded Member and Broadcaster Applications.
  • Admin has been expanded - you can do more and configure more and see more stats now!
  • Configurable Purchase blocks by currency and credit price, easy to make price block specials.
  • New upgraded ignore feature with admin settings.
  • Upgraded Goal Feature.
  • Set your own Credits and Private Sounds.
  • More Site owner configurations than ever before!
  • Upgraded Review and Approval Photo process.

Latest Optional Features

  • Document Progress Approval: Includes multi-step process, online agreement, ID snapshot for a faster, simpler broadcaster signup process.
  • Auction: Have your broadcasters bidding for page position.
  • Bi-directional instant messaging between broadcasters/admins and member/admins.