Latest Features

This is a small "Preview of our latest new features", We will be updating our website with all our new features with full descriptions shortly. You can also access our Latest LIVE DEMO

OdysseyCam v7.5 was released as a Major Upgrade from our previous version with many new features.

  • 1. Two new Types of System formats, choose from either a broadcaster/member as one account or seperated with seperate signups and logins

  • 2. New 16:9 Ratio Photo Croper

  • 3. New Private Photos feature allowing you to set a purchase price

  • 4. New Profile area more settings even payout feature and bank detail ready!

  • 5. Offline broadcasters headshots: goes directly to Broadcasters profile now

  • 6. Upgraded Cam2Cam feature

  • 7. Upgraded Member and Broadcaster Applications

  • 8. Admin has been expanded - you can do more and configure more and see more stats now!

  • 9. Configurable Purchase blocks by currency and credit price, easy to make price block specials

  • 10. New upgraded ban, kick and ignore features with admin settings

  • 11. Upgraded Goal Feature

  • 12. Set your own Credits and Private Sounds

  • 13. More Site owner configurations than ever before!

  • 14. Upgraded Review and Approval Photo process

  • And More....

Latest new Paid Features

  • 1. Auction: Have your broadcasters bidding for page position

  • 2. Document Progress Approval: Includes multi-step process, online agreement, ID snapshot for a faster, simpler broadcaster signup process

  • 3. Bi-directional instant messaging between broadcasters and admins