Live Demo Instructions


This Demo is for you to test out a Broadcaster and a Member yourself at the same time, we do not keep live broadcasters online.  You need to login (With the information below  "Live Demo Instructions" ).

If you click on a headshot that says Offline you will not see any video because, simply nobody is online in that room or session, you need to login and Broadcast your video and see it with your member using the credentials below, we built this demo for you to test the features, simple as that. Once you are online the Offline Headshot will say Live.  

Generally when you click on a headshot that is offline you should be taken to a profile page of that broadcaster
(This feature will be added in Version 7.5 - due to be released).

Live Demo Instructions

Online Chat Software Test Credit Card

You can use the following demo accounts to login or you can signup and login using your own credentials.

To Test out the Paid Features (Tip and Private Session) use the credit card information on your left

Use one of the following Logins:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Use password: demopass

You only need to login with (1) one demo account to broadcast and to view.

  1. Open browser window then click "Broadcast Now"
  2. Open another browser window and press "Who's Online"
  3. Check the Allow on the "Flash Security Settings Box" on your video screen
  4. Configure your video from the settings Icon found on the bottom left corner of video screen and choose your source and adjust your resolution and quality settings as necessary.
  5. Click "Free Chat", you should see in Systems Message yellow text "You are Online" in the top center of the chat area.
  6. Click the headshot on top left corner on homepage, if you were watching you will see the status change from Offline to Online with no page refreshes all done in Real Time.
  7. Demo the Merchant Billing system in real time Click the "Buy Credits" Button and purchase credits using the Test Credit Card above.
  8. If you have any questions you can always contact us by telephone, Live Help, or by email 24/7.