Pay your broadcasters directly from your billing account:

yoursafe logo Your Cardbilling and yoursafe are connected!
 Pay directly to a yoursafe Debit Card, Free Business and Broadcaster Accounts.

yoursafe Debit Card:  With the yoursafe Debit Card, you can take out your cash or spend your money safe and secure on millions of locations worldwide. The yoursafe Debit Card is a true Mastercard debit card connected to your yoursafe Account.

yoursafe IBAN Account Included:
Send and receive payment globally with available payment methods that include SEPA, Wire, ACH and US Check.

Broadcaster and Business Accounts:
Open a Broadcaster or Business account where you can be in total control of your incoming and outgoing payments. Money transfers between yoursafe accounts are always free of charge.

yoursafe creditcard






Had a hard time getting a Merchant Account setup, or just haven't got a clue where to start? OdysseyCam will help you get your Cardbilling and yoursafe account setup, without the headaches!

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