Administration Area

Your new OdysseyCam system comes complete with a powerful administration area where you can View, Edit, Delete, Create, Activate, Deactivate users/members/broadcasters accounts and information .  You can also Edit Content pages directly online without having to manually upload through ftp and more...

The feature list below only includes the main headings of each Item, each item has multiple fields and configurability. Items marked with an X are premium features.  Please check the Turnkey Edition package for actual administration items included.

Administration Feature List

  • Dashboard
  • Accounts Management - All
  • Search Accounts
  • Statistics
  • Paystats - All
  • Photo Administration
  • Search Photos
  • Editable Documents
  • Broadcaster Approval Feature
  • Messaging System
  • Auction Feature
  • Signup Editable Documents
  • Settings
  • Max Headshots per page
  • Anytime Payouts™ Feature
  • Transactions - All
  • Sound Upload
  • Turn On/Off Features
  • Merchant Gateway Settings
  • SMTP Mail Settings
  • Edit Footer Copyright
  • Add/Edit Logo -Title
  • 18+ Background blur
  • Add/Delete Genders
  • Add Social Media accounts
  • Individual Account information
  • Individual Session Information
  • Individual PayStat information
  • Individual Payout Information
  • Add/Subtract Credits
  • View Bank Details
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Footer link positioning