"A webcam studio is a physical location where models go to work. Each studio contains a various number of rooms where each model does their online work from." OdysseyCam custom builds these webcam studios on location at your home, apartment, office building or warehouse space. Because every studio build out requires a different plan, if you ask us to email you all the options with pricing information "BEFORE" speaking to one of our OdysseyCam build-out consultants by Telephone, its not going to happen. Every Studio build out requires different tools, manpower and time to complete the project depending on how little or extensive as there are no 2 build-outs alike. Each Custom build-out requires a different process and materials, slowing down or speeding up the build-out process. For example: The building area has all walls made of plaster some are concrete, some are all wood and some do not have any walls at all and have to be constructed, there are so many other factors involved, including but not limited to; height, amount of stories (levels, stairs), location of internet input area. It is like asking us to build you a home without having all the specifications before we write the agreement. Make sure you contact OdysseyCam direct by telephone to speak to a representative about your project.

Advantages of building a Webcam studio

  • For the startup webcam business getting customers to pay for services with no models online, while trying to keep live models working on your website with no paying members is what we call the chicken and the egg effect, can’t have one without the other. A webcam studio that is run properly will solve most of these issues without the costly long term marketing headaches. Having a webcam studio also opens up other possibilities including additional revenue streams.

Webcam Studio Startups

Description: These are General guidelines as each project will vary in cost, all projects are quoted in advance with no hidden charges.

  • Generally each "Room" is unique as costs are dependent on the amount of hours needed to complete: (Using curtain room dividers and backdrops vs hard walls, pricing will be considerably higher as shown in our gallery).  This includes all back drops and basic lighting setup (lighting costs can vary depending on the application). All basic room construction for backdrops and networking (Computers, cams, routers wiring is separate this is just the room setups.
  • Our destination and stay fees.  You must provide our destination fees  (whether its by car or by plane, you are responsible for these fees and a place to stay (usually at a hotel as close as possible to the project location).
  • You will be given a complete job quote payable in advance for all hardware (if we supply this), a minimum of 70% of our setup fee is required, the remaining amount is due and payable when we show up at the project site, no exceptions.
  • Our work is guaranteed free from defects under normal everyday usage for 3 months, (extended maintenance contracts are available).

What do I need to do to get this started?

  • First you should call us to discuss your project, this will save you time and money. Just getting a building and an internet connection could cost you more, if you dont speak to us first. Contact Us.

What we do:

  • We have our professional design and technical team setup a webcam studio for you in your building (house, apartment, office building or warehouse).
  • We add all the live sites that your models work on and configure these to run efficiently with your hardware setup.
  • Room design and Lighting. (From basic to elaborate its up to you).
  • We can provide custom configured equipment depending on your needs. (You may also provide the hardware, as long as the specifications are met.

Business Planning and Development Services:

Depending on your requirements, we can offer full administrative services including, but not limited to complete business planning and development, consultative services, contracts, model management programs and more. Contact Us

What we don't do:

In most cases these apply, sometimes we do get specials ones, check out our monthly updates!

  • We don't provide you employees (models).  (In most Cases)
  • We do not provide you a Building, house or apartment rentals, we are not a leasing company.
  • We do not provide your internet connection. we are not an internet provider (ISP)
  • We do not provide any shipping charges. If you have decided to provide the computers, cams, etc. you need to get it to the project site, unless we have handled your hardware for you.
  • We do not go to a job site where there is no internet connection, or hardware.  If this happens you will loose your deposit.

Situations we cannot control:

  • Your internet connection.  You want to run 4 rooms, working 5 live cam sites at the same time on each computer with a 256 upload connection. It's not going to happen.  You need the proper size connection for the amount of work you will be doing "Per Computer".  We will tell you what you need before project start, its up to you to order this from your local internet provider.

We have offices centrally located in USA & Europe, (Generally most studio start-ups can be setup in 7 days with a 2 person crew (4 rooms with basic setup). Plus with our vast experience in live webcam studio startups we will save you time, money and less headaches!