You shouldn't have to wait weeks to get your new website setup

1 Hour Website Setup How about a 1 hour Setup?

We just think when you purchase a new online system you should be able to have it that day, so we took it one step further, an now offer a 1 hour setup service at no additional charge!

It can take several days or more to get your website approved for Visa/MasterCard, why make it longer? With 1 hour setup service we submit your website that very day!


In order to qualify to receive your website in 1 hour:

  • Your agreement has been signed and your payment processed.
  • You must have already purchased a domain and we have all your setup information.
  • 1 hour setup service is for turnkey Editions only, the Developer Edition is not included.



*Please Note:  Your credit card merchant account can take several days or more to be approved and compliant, for more information please Contact us.