Choosing the Best Adult Video Chat System

Choosing the proper system for the customers needs is probably the hardest decision one makes. For some its entirely on cost, others on the amount of features and generally a balance between the two. In this section we will try to point out the difference between OdysseyCam and your general Turnkey Providers, let you decide for yourself what is best for you.

Things to consider when purchasing a new adult video chat system

  • Support: What is included and are they available or is it a headache to contact support to get things done). OdysseyCam has 24/7 support available.
  • Scalability: Can my system grow or am I at the mercy of the provider to add new features whenever or the ability to add the resources for more customer capacity, clusters etc, not a problem. How far you want to grow out your system is up to you, we can scale OdysseyCam as much as you need, there is no limit.
  • Custom: Is my system one of a kind or just another copy of thousands that are on the net,  Turnkey "As IS" out of the box. Your OdysseyCam system can be customized as far as you want to take it, it depends on you but the ability to do so is there.
  • Updates: OdysseyCam updates the system weekly, this means any security and or bug fixes are updated first then feature updates are done.
  • Upgrades: Major upgrades are done generally once a year, to make it simple to understand,  a version 9.0 to version 10.0 takes approx 1 year, with minor version changes, stability and performance improvements in between.
  • OdysseyCam, established in 2003: We are one of the oldest development companies of Custom built video chat systems still in existence. When you purchase a system will your provider/system builder be in business next month or even next year? OdysseyCam has been providing top quality adult video chat systems and services for over 2 decades.
  • Our 100% Privacy Policy: For those of you who are concerned with your privacy, maybe your a doctor or a lawyer (just examples), but want to have a side business in the adult webcam industry, whatever your reason are, rest assured your privacy is 100% secure. OdysseyCam is the Only Adult Video Chat Provider that has a 100% enforced privacy policy. When you work with OdysseyCam your information is 100% secure, in order to maintain our business growth, our company strength comes from the quality of our products and services and not from sharing our customers information.