How to get started

Getting your new webcam business setup with OdysseyCam is as easy as 1 2 3...

Choose your System
Send Purchase Request
Pay your Deposit

Instructions on getting started

  1. OdysseyCam System: You will need to decide which system is best for you, we offer 3 Turnkey complete packaged systems:  Standard Edition (10 Broadcaster Licenses) (This is the amount of live broadcasters you can have at any one given time, you can have as many members or Broadcasters Offline in your database) , Corporate Edition (50 Broadcaster Licenses) and an Unlimited Enterprise Edition (Unlimited amount of Broadcaster Licenses). We require a minimum of 50% down payment for any turnkey system, in order to make other arrangements you will need to contact OdysseyCam directly by telephone, we do not answer these type questions on email. If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact us, this is what we are here for.
  2. Purchase: To purchase an OdysseyCam System you will need to send us a Purchase Request here. Once this has been completed we will contact you to finalize the process, we do suggest however to speed the process up to contact us directly at +1-702-550-0087, you can also send us an email directly to [email protected] if you have further questions.
  3. Pay Deposit: We offer many different payment types for you to pay your deposit, below is a list of payment options:

Payment Types Available

Debit or Credit Card: Purchase using a Debit or Credit Card.
PayPal: You can purchase using your PayPal account.
Skrill: You can purchase OdysseyCam by using your Skrill Account.
Western Union: Purchase OdysseyCam Systems with Western Union.
Bank Wire: Purchase OdysseyCam Systems by Bank Wire Transfer.

Setup Date: Once your Deposit Payment has been processed we will give you a setup schedule date. This date is based on our current work load as we setup many systems each day.  If you need to complete everything from below from start to finish, this should take you a few weeks approx.

Additional items required:
In order to setup your new webcam system on the web, you are required to purchase a few items that are not included with your OdysseyCam System Purchase and you must fill out some paperwork (for your SSL certificate, company formations, merchant account, etc).  Once you have completed these tasks through the various 3rd party providers, we will setup your your website accordingly.

Purchase OdysseyCam System Once we have received your deposit we will give you a setup schedule, (Check out our Weekly Price Specials). Hosting is setup based on your system type, we handle this. Click Here to send us a Purchase Request.
SSL Certificate: You will need to purchase an SSL Certificate, you are charged for your SSL $75.00 at website setup, this includes the certificate for one year and installation renewed 12 months from setup date, Contact Us.
Domain: You will need a URL that your website is setup on (, we suggest going to . Once you purchase your domain we will require temporary access into your Domain account so that we can setup the domain to point to your new OdysseyCam System.
Company Formation: You will need to have a Company for your new OdysseyCam Systems merchant account (We suggest a Wyoming LLC) then attach a bank account for your company. If you already have a company, you may skip this process, if you need assistance, Contact Us.
Emails: You will need a minimum of Two (2) emails, one for the Member Validation and one for your [email protected] or [email protected] If you use GoDaddy you should call them directly and ask for "Workspace" emails, these are simple emails that work perfectly for your website.
Zombaio Merchant Account Setup: You will need to setup your merchant account directly at Zombaio (This is a free process), once you have completed your merchant account paperwork we will then start your Visa and MasterCard Compliance.

We suggest Contact Us directly before you start this process, as we can aid in helping you get all the items necessary for setting up your system simply.