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We specialize in Adult Webcam Video Chat Software Business Systems  that are Hosted by us or Non Hosted systems (hosted on your own server) for the Adult and non adult industry that can be customized to your specifications. OdysseyCam v7.0 is for the customer that does not want the typical turnkey webcam website/software packages you can find for sale online but the ability to create an enterprise top of the line system based on your own ideas and features. This is not just software but the complete cms package. Our Latest version 7.0 comes with a fresh new interface design while utilizing an entirely new format similar to chaturbate and cam4. OdysseyCam v7.0 was built on 3 years of extended research and development with the cleanest code possible, using enterprise, cutting edge technology, every feature was built to be scalable while using a custom built plugin system. The system was designed light in features ready to be built to your specifications, the system comes with a limited set of features that you can go live with immediately, limiting your development downtime.

16:9 High Definition Video
Cutting Edge Technology
Resizable Video Screen
One Signup & Login
Instant Payment View
Responsive Design
and more...
Turnkey Adult Video Chat Webcam Software

 All New Platform Pricing!
Turnkey Adult Video Chat Webcam Software

Your One Stop Full Service Provider

We all know that the Adult Industry is full of money, everywhere you look millions every day is spent on Porn more than any other business. People say that the Adult webcam industry is saturated with Turnkey Adult Webcam Video Chat Software everywhere and there is no room for more, Not True. We have been in the Adult industry for well over 20 years and our product line  "OdysseyCam" Turnkey Adult chat software solutions since 2003, for the last 3 years we have been developing an Enterprise Custom turnkey adult video chat business system that was scalable (ability to customize due to our modular system) very recently our business plans changed and as a result we are now offering v7.0 to the public. Our system now comes in two versions , a Hosted Solution (SaaS) or our Non Hoted solution that you use your own server and can be customized by us or your own prograsmming team.  By purchasing our solution, you will make money, how much is up to you, like any business, the person who attends to his business makes more than the one who lets it run by its self.

Turnkey Adult Video Chat Webcam Software

We make it simple

We handles most of the important issues that would cost you hundreds, even thousands a day plus with our extremely Low startup costs, makes owning our Adult Video Chat  Software an Unbelievable opportunity. We are here 24/7 to answer any of your Live Web Cam related questions. For those breaking into the Adult live chat industry or seasoned professionals our package is an opportunity for all. We take the headache out of building a live video chat system yourself. See for yourself why OdysseyCam video chat software is the Hottest Turnkey Adult Webcam Video Chat Software solution on the net. Web cam software for the Best in Live Streaming Video chat software online,OdysseyCam! Start a live adult webcam, porn chat, video conferencing, and video broadcasting Business today! We can show you how with our staff of trained live cam software specialists Available anytime 24/7.

Turnkey Adult Video Chat Webcam Software

What is a Custom Turnkey System?

You can purchase OdysseyCam v7.0 as is or you may have it customized to fit your requirements or purchase our non hosted solution and use your own programming team. Most companies that offer a "Turnkey Out of the Box" Ready To go Live with ( little) work, here is the kicker, Now ask for a custom features, if the system was not developed for this (As These cheap webcam scripts were not designed to be scale able or handle any reasonable customization's, just ends up breaking the script and or multiple non fixable bugs.

OdysseyCam v7.0 was developed to be expanded based on our Modular plugin system All custom work and custom payment requirements are quoted in advance, with no hidden charges.

*Please Note: In some cases your customization may require many hours of engineering and or design to properly quote the price of this work, in these cases we require a "Paid Quote Deposit" which is discussed in advance, if the work is performed the deposit is subtracted from the cost of the work to be performed.

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I am new to all this, how do I get started?

We suggest calling by telephone or contact our Live Help chat and schedule an appointment for a sales representative to call you back, or speak directly on chat. OdysseyCam does not believe in high pressure sales, we rather educate you about our products, the industry, and if OdysseyCam is not the right fit for you we may even suggest an alternative, we will at least point you in the right direction. Read our Ideology, this is our Company.

  • For Purchases, questions contact our sales staff by phone or Live Help Chat.
  • Discuss in detail your ideas, proposed project (exactly what it is you are wanting to do or accomplish). If you do not exactly know and are just lost, tell the representative this and you need more detailed explanations.
  • After your conversation the Sales representative will guide you in what they believe is the best direction for you to approach your project.   All OdysseyCam staff is highly qualified, all staff has been with OdysseyCam no less than 7 years to date.
Turnkey Adult Video Chat Webcam Software

OdysseyCam's Managed Cloud Hosting vs Host-Your-Own

It’s all about support, if most people would not have to worry about the technical issues of their online business and would concentrate on the marketing issues i.e. the advertising, which should takes up most of your time) and Broadcaster management, more live adult webcam businesses would be seeing a profit. We get calls all the time customers wanting their Online Chat Software own software on their own servers and our simple questions is why and what do you gain?

1. You own the domain name
2. The monthly hosting costs from us are far less than if you purchased even a cheap non managed system with a small server.
3. You are getting 24/7 telephone support, not to mention your live site will run on OdysseyCam's Enterprise Managed Cloud System.

We have clustered our network so the processes run less separating the web, video and databases meaning you are getting a sophisticated network that is housing your live video web cam chat site at a fraction of the cost without having to suffer in quality! A network like this would costs you thousands a month not including bandwidth, which at our super low start-up hosting packages starting at only $125 per month (Which includes plenty of bandwidth in a normal start up situation). It doesn't get any better than our Custom turnkey adult video chat business software from OdysseyCam!

If you are still wanting an OdysseyCam system where the software is installed on your own server, choose our Non Hosted Solution where the source files are included with your system!

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The OdysseyCam Ideology

The most successful companies started from an idea or Standard of Excellence belief within their team environment. These daily practices are usually maintained by the originating owner until the business expands or is sold, the originators ideas are generally lost, as the general whole believe a successful company is based on the amount of monetary gain, very true but limited.
The OdysseyCam Ideology is simple, but yet far more effective: The company who bases their success from the success of their customers, out weighs the actual sales of their own.
OdysseyCam is a True Full Service Provider from beginning to end,