Automatic Reconnection

The internet is just not stable, there will be times when your Broadcasters will lose their internet connection when your members are viewing. Adult video chat software does not include a simple solution for reconnecting your broadcasters back due to a timeout, when this happens your broadcaster will go offline leaving your members wondering if the they will return.

Due to OdysseyCam's advance programming not only will your broadcasters reconnect back to their members automatically, but your broadcasters can lose their internet connection for up to a whopping 30 seconds! Now this may not sound like much time, but keep in mind our system will keep alive the session all this time until reconnection has been established and only after OdysseyCam cannot reconnect the broadcasters internet (30+ seconds) will the “Broadcaster is Offline” message be shown to the members. Under normal conditions most internet connections will resume within about 15 seconds. Don’t lose paying members due to inefficient software solutions, OdysseyCam’s high end configuration and advanced programming will keep your broadcasters and members connected!