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Your Broadcast - non paid

OdysseyCam v7.0 format was designed to allow a member to become a broadcaster by just clicking the broadcast now button without paperwork or legal document signup, what a more simpler way of getting online broadcasters without the signup headache.   More and more people are online for Adult Voyeur fun, what better way to start your webcam website,  getting online broadcasters to fill up your online broadcaster webpages

Your Broadcast - Paid

We have added a Paid/Non-Paid button inside your admin area that calculates your paid broadcasters payments, which is setup as a manual process where you have to press the Paid Button to allow a broadcaster to be paid out, how you handle your signup for paid broadcasters is up to you at this time, (coming soon configurable paid broadcasting submit documents module).

Please keep in mind this is how we setup our format, if you want a customized setup all you have to do is ask.  Everything on the OdysseyCam system can be built to order based on your specifications, as every feature is a module that works directly with our core platform.